8 of the Best Pasta Pot with Strainer for 2021

This review guide will help you choose the best pasta pot with a strainer. We will review the best pasta pots with strainers built into the lid as well.

Whether you are looking for the best omelette pan or the best pasta pot, our comprehensive guides will help you choose!

One great thing about pasta pots with strainers built-in is that you won’t be fumbling with a separate colander.  Having a spaghetti pot with strainer can help if you want to minimize the number of tools you will need to make a pasta dish.

If you want to streamline your cooking and use a spaghetti pot with a strainer lid built-in, then our review guide will help!

Pasta about to boil inside of a best pasta pot with strainer.

A pasta pot with a strainer can also help you when you are boiling vegetables. You will need to strain the water off your cooked vegetables, and a pasta pot with a strainer can help.

To make the perfect al dente pasta dish, you must be ready to drain the water off quickly when the timer goes off. When making pasta, the last thing you want to do is look for the pasta strainer you forgot to take out ahead of time. 

Having the pasta pot with the built-in strainer will be beneficial if you frequently find yourself forgetting to take the colander out ahead of time.

8 of the Best Pasta Pots with Strainers for 2021!

High-Quality Stainless Steel Pasta Pot with the Strainer Built Into the Lid

  1. Bialetti Oval 6 Quart Multi-Pot with Strainer Lid, whole pasta, corn, lobster, Stainless Steel (spaghetti pot with strainer)

Bialetti is an Italian brand best known for its coffee makers. They also make high-quality stainless steel cookware. It makes a lot of sense that an Italian brand would make an excellent pasta pot with a built-in strainer lid.

A metal worker and engineer named Alfonso Bialetti is who founded the brand. Later he joined forces with Rondine Italia creating the brand Bialetti Industries.

Use this toxin-free cookware to create any unique pasta dish.

Bialetti 6-Quart Oval Nonstick Stainless Steel Multipurpose Pasta Pot with Strainer Lid
  • 6 QUART PASTA POT: Elongated oval shape inspired by Italian style and design accommodates all shapes and sizes of pasta, from longer spaghetti and lasagna to shorter penne and farfalle noodles
  • VERSATILE AND MULTIPURPOSE: Great for more than just making pasta and can be used for cooking vegetables, potatoes, soups, stews, and more
  • LOCKABLE STRAINING LID: Included lid with built-in straining holes twists and locks into place to make it safer and more convenient to drain excess water from the pot
  • CONVENIENT HANDLES: Attached handles on either side of the pot provide a secure grip

Making that vegan pasta primavera will be a breeze with the Bialetti pasta pot with strainer.

If you are looking for a large pasta pot with a strainer lid, this Bialetti pasta pot can help!

Things We Like About This Spaghetti Pot With Strainer

  • The straining lid locks in place, make this best pasta pot with a straining lid a safe bet.
  • This pasta pot has 18/8 stainless steel construction with an aluminum core.
  • It has an elongated oval shape, which can fit most varieties of longer pasta.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Some people describe that the lid does not fit properly. This problem might be due to user error. 
  • It takes some force to line up the locking tabs on the lid. After you use the best pasta pot and locking strainer lid a few times, it will break in and become easier to lock and unlock.

Best Stainless Steel Pasta Pot With Metal Strainer

  1. Farberware Classic Series Stainless Steel 8-Quart Pasta Pot with Strainer 

Next up on our list is the Farberware stainless steel pot with strainer. The Farberware company has been around since the early nineteen hundreds and was founded by entrepreneur and Russian immigrant Simon Farber.

Farberware’s roots lie in the lower east side of Manhattan, and later on, they expanded out to Brooklyn. In Brooklyn, Farberware opened a factory but didn’t expand into cookware until the 1940s. It was during that time when the company moved to the Bronx, that they began to focus more on cookware, pasta pots, and other stainless steel pans.

Farberware Classic Series Stainless Steel 8-Quart Covered Straining Stockpot with Lid, Stainless Steel Pot with Lid, Silver
  • STRAINING STOCKPOT LID: The straining stockpot’s built-in colander lid helps strain liquid from foods directly from the pan by simply twisting the lid to lock it in place.
  • CLASSIC STAINLESS STEEL: Heavy-duty dishwasher safe stainless steel is polished to a mirror finish for a classic touch. The handles provide a confident grasp.
  • EVEN HEAT STOCKPOT: The straining stockpot's full cap base features a thick aluminum core surrounded by stainless steel provides rapid, even heating.
  • HIGH HEAT STOCKPOT: Oven safe to 350 degrees Fahrenheit as well as dishwasher safe, this 8-quart stainless steel stockpot combines technology with Farberware’s styling and quality.

Things We Like

  • It comes with a built-in colander lid.
  • This best pasta pot with strainer has a thick aluminum core surrounded by stainless steel for rapid, even heating on any cooktop.
  • The pot stays hot for a long time. In case you want to keep a pasta dish warm.
  • This model works with induction stovetops as well as smooth top electric cooktops.

Things We Don’t Like

  • The plastic handles can heat up and are cheap looking. You must use a potholder to drain the water.
  • The locking lid on this pasta pot is difficult to lock for some people.

Best Large Spaghetti Pot With Strainer

  1. Cuisinart 77-412 Chef’s Classic Stainless 4-Piece 12-Quart Pasta Pot Strainer Set

Cuisinart is another brand that people can trust. They are best known for their food processors but have since moved into the cookware department. The Cuisinart is a pasta pot with a strainer insert. 

The pasta pot does not have the strainer built into the lid but has a strainer that sits inside the pasta pot. What this does is make it even easier to make al dente pasta. 

When your pasta texture is to your liking, all you have to do is pull the strainer out. You do not have to worry about pouring a heavy pot of water into a strainer. 

We pick this as the best pasta pot with strainer because it is excellent for people who do not want to lift and pour a heavy pot.

If you have extra pasta sauce and are wondering “how long spaghetti sauce is good for in the fridge” our article can help!

Things We Like

  • This large pasta pot with a strainer can fit more than a pound of pasta.
  • Every piece of this pasta pot with a built-in strainer set can fit into the dishwasher.
  • Not having to pour a large pot full of steaming water into the sink is worth it!
  • The steamer and strainer combo will simplify the way you can cook a variety of dishes.
  • The pasta strainer insert allows you to cook pasta without it sticking to sidewalls.
  • Beware, this is a LARGE pasta pot with a metal strainer!

Things We Don’t Like

  • Some users report that black residue comes out of the holes on the strainer.
  • This particular model will not work with an induction stovetop.

A Very Affordable Alternative Pasta Pot to the Cuisinart!

  1. Cook N Home 4-Piece 8 Quart Stainless Steel Pasta Pot with a Metal Strainer

This particular pasta pot is similar to the Cuisinart Chef’s classic. However, it is 30 dollars cheaper. The great thing about this best pasta pot with a strainer is that it is compatible with induction, gas, or electric stovetops.

The metal steamer basket also comes in handy for a healthy way to eat fresh vegetables. This particular pasta pot is not as heavy as other past pots. It is excellent if you are looking for a lighter set that’s not too heavy to lift.

Cook N Home 4-Piece 8 Quart Multipots, Stainless Steel Pasta Cooker Steamer
  • Includes: 8 quart stockpot, steamer insert, pasta insert/pot, and a tempered glass lid
  • Stainless steel with an aluminum disc layered in the bottom for even heat distribution
  • Tempered glass lid with steam vent to view food; Durable stainless steel riveted handles
  • Deep steamer insert holds a large amount; Pasta pot/strainer cooks a variety of noodles
  • Works on Induction, gas, electric, glass, ceramic, halogen, etc.; Dishwasher safe

Things We Like

  • The glass lid allows you to easily keep an eye on your food without letting the heat out. (A few people have said the glass lid shattered, just beware of this and contact Amazon if it happens to you. They will replace it right away)
  • The pasta pot is all metal, so you can put it in the oven to keep a meal warm.
  • Multifunctional.
  • Excellent pot for steaming tamales as well!

Things We Don’t Like

  • Extreme temperature differences can cause the glass lid to shatter. So do not put a hot glass lid into cold water.
  • The handles get warm, so you must use a potholder when handling the hot pot.
  • The water tends to boil up over the metal pasta strainer, leaving a mess on your stovetop.

An Excellent Affordable Pasta Pot With Strainer

  1. Tramontina Gourmet Stainless Steel Pasta Pot, With Strainer

Professional chefs use the  Tramontina brand of pasta pots and stock pots in kitchens all over the world. This best pasta pot with strainer comes in 6 different sizes. Please choose the size of your pasta pot wisely.

They are constructed with a magnetic tri-ply base and are compatible with induction, gas, electric, and ceramic glass cooktops. The Tri-Ply Base is approximately half of an inch in thickness. This thick base makes it an excellent choice for optimum feat-conductivity.

The metal stainless steel pasta strainer is a separate piece that sits on top of the pasta pot. This design makes it easy to pour the water off.

Tramontina offers a lifetime warranty on all of its stainless steel pasta pots.

Tramontina Pasta Cooker Gourmet Stainless Steel 3-Piece 6-Quart, 80120/200DS
  • Set includes: 6 Qt. stainless steel stock pot; tempered glass lid and "lock & drain" strainer
  • Premium 18/10 stainless steel impact-bonded tri-ply base construction; Precision cast riveted stainless steel handles with 18/10 premium stainless steel lid
  • Compatible with all cooktops, including induction
  • Oven Safe up to up to 350°F/ 176°C
  • UPC-016017014046

Things We Like

  • This best pasta pot is light but at the same time heavy duty. You won’t break your arm lifting it.
  • This pasta pot with the built-in metal strainer is a great value. 
  • The Tramontina pasta pot distributes the heat evenly. You can simmer a soup or a sauce all day without the food on the bottom burning.

Things We Don’t Like

  • The metal pasta strainer limits how much water you can add to the pot.
  • The pasta pot can discolor and begin to dent on the sides. Barkeepers Friend is a great product that can help remove any discoloration.

Best Non-Stick Pasta Pot with Built-in Strainer

  1. Gotham Steel Pasta Pot with Patented Built-in Strainer with Twist N Lock Handles, Non-Stick Ceramic Copper Coating by Chef Daniel Green 5 Quart

The Gotham Steel brand has quite a following. It is a great pasta pot for people looking for a non-toxic, non-stick option. Gotham Steel products do not have any solid steel. What they do have is aluminum cores with ceramic coatings.

Keep in mind that this non-stick pasta pot is small. It cannot handle an entire box of spaghetti.

After you drain the pasta water, do not worry about any added ingredients sticking. This universal pot can handle it all. 

Beware: this is a small pasta pot that will be best for meals feeding 1 or 2 people. 

No products found.

Things We Like

  • We love the see-through glass lid!
  • This pasta pot works on induction, gas, and electric cooktops.

Things We Don’t Like

  • This non-stick pasta pot is too small for a large pasta meal. 
  • The non-stick coating might scratch if you are not careful with the tools you use.

Best 8 Quart Calphalon Pasta Pot With Strainer 

  1. Calphalon Classic Stainless Steel 8 quart Pasta or Stock Pot with Steamer and Pasta Insert

Calphalon is a company that began over 50 years ago in Ohio, USA. Originally they supplied the restaurant industry with durable cookware. Calphalon made sure that its cookware could withstand a busy restaurant kitchen.

An 8-quart pasta pot can handle 2 lbs of pasta, according to some foodies on Chowhound.

This versatile Calphalon pasta set is incomparable if you do not want to carry a heavy pot of boiling water over to a sink to pour.

This stainless steel Calphalon pasta pot with strainer has a lifetime warranty.

Calphalon Classic Stainless Steel 8 quart Stock Pot with Steamer and Pasta Insert
  • Impact-bonded aluminum bases provide fast, even heating. Safe for the stove, oven, broiler, and dishwasher.
  • Loop handles provide a secure grip on the pasta pot
  • Fill lines make measuring easy, and covers have straining holes that line up with pour spouts to drain liquids without having to use a separate colander.
  • Includes 8-quart stock pot, pasta insert, steamer insert, lid.

Things We Like

  • The fill lines on the inside of this Calphalon pasta pot allow you to quickly measure the amount of water.
  • Having an aluminum encapsulated bottom allows this pot to heat up evenly and quickly.
  • The removable pasta strainer will make your life easier when cooking that pound or two of pasta. There will be no need for dumping boiling pasta water into a colander with this versatile pasta pot.
  • This set comes with a pasta strainer as well as a vegetable steamer. 
  • It is compatible with induction, gas, or electric stovetop.

Things We Don’t Like

  • The rivets that attach the handles can corrode. 
  • There is no vent hole on the glass lid. When water is boiling, the steam has to escape; with this pot, the water boils up and spits out over the sides. The pasta water boiling up and seeping out creates a mess on your stovetop.

A Women-Owned COOKWARE Company Making One of the Best Pasta Pots with Strainers

  1. AVACRAFT Stainless Steel Saucepan with Glass Lid, Strainer Lid, Two Side Spouts for Easy Pour with Ergonomic Handle, Multipurpose Sauce Pan with Lid, Sauce Pot (Tri-Ply Capsule Bottom, 1.5 Quart)

This list would not be complete without adding an AVACRAFT pasta pot to it. If you like to support entrepreneurs who are women, look no further than AVACRAFT. 

AVACRAFTS owner, Asha, began her search for the perfect cookware. Through this, for cookware that should last a lifetime, AVACRAFT was born. 

Every prototype is tested in Dallas, in Asha’s home kitchen. Only after rigorous testing and meticulous modification do they earn her mom-chef approval. Sometimes the new prototypes go back and forth between her and the designers/engineers many times. Only after the final approval will they make their way into the public’s hands.

AVACRAFT Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Saucepan with Glass Strainer Lid, Two Side Spouts, Ergonomic Handle, Multipurpose Sauce Pan with Lid, Sauce Pot, Cooking Pot (Tri-Ply Full Body, 2.5 Quart)
  • 18/10 FOOD GRADE STAINLESS STEEL SAUCEPAN: 2.5 QT saucepan with strainer glass lid. Special matte finish inside to prevent scratches over time and mirror finish outside for shiny and stylish look. Easy to read measurement marks inside. Your best saucepan with lid, cooking pot, cooking pan.
  • All-IN-ONE FUNCTION: Shatterproof glass cover with straining holes on both sides to strain pasta, noodles, vegetables & more. No colanders needed. Pour spouts on both sides of the rim for right and left handed. Only pot with spout. Silicone lid handle for safety! Best cooking pots with lids. Sizes better than 1qt, 2qt, 3qt. Small sauce pan to large saucepan.
  • EVEN HEAT DISTRIBUTION: Specially constructed Tri--ply stainless steel for whole body with multi-clad construction avoids heat spots and distributes safe heat evenly, saving energy! Long & large ergonomic handle gives firm grip. Designed for air flow to keep handle cool even when the stainless steel pot is hot. Best suited induction pots and pans set. Induction saucepan. Saucier pan.
  • BEST QUALITY, EASY TO CLEAN AND DURABLE: Made only with high quality 18/10 food grade stainless steel, highly durable, resistant to rust, stain, corrosion or crack, and to top it, designed to look elegant in kitchen. Dishwasher, Refrigerator safe. Sauce pans sizes for small pan, medium pan, large pan. Best stainless steel pans.
  • BEST GIFT: The best pots & pans gift for family, friends and loved ones as housewarming gift, wedding gift, birthday gift, gift for chef, thanksgiving gift, Christmas gift, New Year gift. Best addition to kitchen pots and pans set stainless steel. AVACRAFT is woman owned small business! Lifetime guarantee for the product bought from AVACRAFT with 100% refund!

Things We Like

  • Avacrafts pasta pot with a built-in strainer has a shatterproof glass cover.
  • Women-owned and women driven company!
  • The strainer is built into the lid, no need for a colander.
  • Excellent customer service team. If you have a complaint or defect, they will work with you to replace your pot.
  • Three sizes make it easy to accommodate larger families.
  • Each pot has a measuring tool on the inside, allowing you to measure liquids easily.
  • Having the pour spouts are on both sides makes this easy for a lefty or a righty to use.

Things We Don’t Like

  • This cookware can get stains after use. You will need to purchase  Barkeepers Friend to help remove any discoloration.
  • Some pots do not sit flat on the cooktop. This detail will affect the heat transfer.
  • The short handle is not comfortable to hold. Not ergonomically designed.
  • Where the body of the pot attaches to the bottom, water may leak out.

What Is A Pasta Pot With Strainer And Why You Need One

A pasta pot with a strainer is a large heavy-duty pot, that can handle boiling water as well as draining water. 

If your sink is not right next to your cooktop then I’m sure that you often find yourself carrying a heavy pot of pasta and water over to the sink. Next, you have to lift and pour the pasta pot into a colander to drain the water.

Most cookware companies have created versions of the best pasta pots with built-in strainers to make everyone’s life a little bit easier.

Instead of carrying a heavy pot over to a sink, now all you have to do is pull out the pasta strainer with your cooked pasta. It makes it easier to get the timing right for al dente pasta. Creating the perfect pasta dish sometimes involves using a cheese plane to shave off some fresh parmesan cheese.

Once you pull out the strainer, you can then begin to run it under cool water. If you rinse spaghetti with cold water you will help stop the hot pasta from cooking. This helps manage the final al dente stage that you are going after.

The Different Types of Best Pasta Pot with Strainers

  • Self Draining Pasta Pots; another word for these are pasta pots with the strainers built into the lids. They are not self-draining where you can put a button and have the water drain out of the bottom. 

What they are is a standard large pot with a pour spout and strainer built into the lid. Recommended for a smaller serving of pasta. If you are making 1 pound of pasta or less then the strainer built into a lid is the way to go. Primarily the reason for this is that the pot filled with water won’t be too heavy to lift.

  • Pasta pots with removable strainers. These are great for any amount of pasta. Comparatively, they really make your life easier if you often make more than a pound of pasta. 

Their key feature is that after your pasta is done you simply lift the entire pasta strainer out of the water and that is it. 

5 Things To Look For In A Good Pasta Pot With Strainer

  1. Construction of your pasta pot. Do you want stainless steel or a nonstick pasta pot? You can’t have both features in the same pot, you must choose which is more important to you. Most traditional pasta pots are stainless steel.
  1. Lid and strainer features. Do you want a strainer that is built into the lid or one that is removable? This is another feature where preference matters. If you are tired of lifting and pouring the entire pot filled with water then opt for the removable strainer.
  1. Size of your pasta pot. What size pasta pot do you need? Are you a family of 2, 4, or 6? A family of 6 will need a much larger pasta pot than a family of 2.

4. Compatibility with various cooktops. Do you have an induction cooktop? To clarify, not every pasta pot will work with an induction cooktop. 

  1. Pasta pot accessories. Oftentimes a pasta pot will come with a steamer basket, measuring lines, and pour spouts. If these accessories are important to you then choose a pasta pot that has all these and more.

FAQ For Pasta Making

What is al dente pasta?

Al dente is a term that refers to pasta or rice being cooked firmly. To get this al dente consistency it is important to take the pasta out of the boiling water when it is still slightly undercooked. Figure out the different cooking techniques for

pasta vs spaghetti, before you decide if you want your pasta al dente.

How to tell if pasta is done?

First look at the instructions on the pasta package. With that in mind, if your pasta instructions say that cooking time is 7-10 minutes then I would start testing your pasta at 6 minutes. When the pasta is of the right consistency for your liking then drain the water.

Should you add oil to your boiling pasta water?

The simple answer is “no”. Do not add oil to your pasta water! Adding oil to pasta water will leave a fresh coat of oil on your pasta. Why is this bad? In short,  the oil on your pasta will prevent the sauce from sticking to the pasta noodles. The reason being is because oil is hydrophobic and it will repel the water-based sauce.

When to add salt to pasta water?

Add the salt to the water at the beginning. Before the pasta water begins to boil add the salt. It also won’t make much of a difference if you add the salt once the pasta is at a rolling boil. The rolling boil will help agitate and dissolve the salt. Lastly add at least 1 ½ Tablespoons for every pound of pasta. Most of the salt will drain away with the water, and of course some of it will get absorbed into the pasta adding to the flavor.

Why does pasta foam?

Pasta foams because of starch molecules. When starch is heating up inside of water the water molecules enter the pasta and eventually burst. Once the starch molecules within the pasta burst the molecules are sent into the water and create a starchy foam.

Why does pasta foam? We answer this question and more!

Once your pot begins to get a layer of foam on top either stir it or skim off a tiny bit of the starch. This will help your pasta pot to not boil over.

It is always a good idea to save some of the starchy pasta water and add it to your sauce for thickening.

How to keep fettuccine from sticking together?

Whether you are cooking fettuccine or some other pasta, the trick is the stir the pasta in the first 2-3 minutes. More importantly, make sure there is enough water in the pasta pot for the pasta to move around. Once the water begins to boil, the pasta will need to move.

Our Pick For The Best Pasta Pot With Strainer

In conclusion, it is best to pick a pasta pot that is a little bit larger in size. The more water you use the better the chances are for your pasta not sticking. 

If you want a pasta pot with a strainer lid then choose the Bialetti.

Bialetti 6-Quart Oval Nonstick Stainless Steel Multipurpose Pasta Pot with Strainer Lid
  • 6 QUART PASTA POT: Elongated oval shape inspired by Italian style and design accommodates all shapes and sizes of pasta, from longer spaghetti and lasagna to shorter penne and farfalle noodles
  • VERSATILE AND MULTIPURPOSE: Great for more than just making pasta and can be used for cooking vegetables, potatoes, soups, stews, and more
  • LOCKABLE STRAINING LID: Included lid with built-in straining holes twists and locks into place to make it safer and more convenient to drain excess water from the pot
  • CONVENIENT HANDLES: Attached handles on either side of the pot provide a secure grip

Generally speaking, if you instead want a high-quality pasta pot with a removable strainer, the Cuisinart is your best bet!