How to Rehydrate Dried Figs

If you want to rehydrate dried figs, we will help you figure out if you should use the water method or the juice method. A dried fig’s texture depends on what type of fig you are eating and how it was dried. They can be chewy, soft, but at the same time a little hard and tough to chew. If your dried figs are already soft and juicy then you may not need to rehydrate them.

Rehydrating dried figs will never fully substitute for fresh figs. However, the technique does have a place in our kitchens. Especially if you have some of the very ripe sweetest figs, these won’t last long and you may need to dehydrate them for future use.

Reasons Why You Want To Rehydrate Dried Figs?

  1. Sometimes dried figs are very tough to eat. So if you rehydrate dried figs, you are adding moisture back into their flesh.
  2. Most fig trees produce 2 crops per year. Since fresh figs have such a short ripe season finding a fig alternative is important. Dried figs are an excellent alternative to fresh when you can’t find them fresh.
  3. You are making a recipe that calls for you to rehydrate dried figs. (smoothies, cake toppings, or healthy bowls)

Did you know that once figs are picked, the skin will stop ripening? This is why it’s important to look for soft and ripe fruits since they will not get riper after you pick them.

Fresh figs next to dehydrated figs - learn how to rehydrate dried figs

So Here’s How You Rehydrate Dried Figs:

Keep a few packs of dried figs in your cupboard just in case you want to make a recipe and there are no fresh figs available.

Method 1 – Hot Water Method to rehydrate dried figs

Cover the plump, dried fruits with boiling water, let them sit for 30 minutes-4 hours. Yes, we know that there is a big difference between 30 minutes and 4 hours but you have to test your dried figs every 1/2 an hour and see if they are rehydrated to your liking.

Soak the dried figs in ice water for 1 hour. This step is optional but it will cool down your dried fruit to room temperature if you want to use the rehydrated figs right away.

Drain off the soaking water and place the dried figs in a colander, allowing them to drain while preparing your other ingredients.

Figs can be eaten raw or cooked into jams, cakes, pies, and such. I like them plain, but there is no reason not to add some berries or other fruit into your rehydrated figs.

Method 2: Fruit juice soak for rehydrating dried figs

Soak the dried figs in pomegranate, cherry, or cranberry juice.

I like to rehydrate my dried figs in fruit juice. Fruit juice will give your rehydrated dried figs a little more flavor than just soaking them in plain water. You can also add spices for some variety.

Here is what you need:

1/2 cup of dried figs (about 6-8)

1 cup of  juice

maple syrup or honey to taste

Supplies: cutting board, knife, measuring cups/spoons, and a large bowl.

Here is what you do:

Wash and dry your dried figs. Using a sharp knife cut each dried fig into quarters or smaller.

Place the dried figs in your bowl and add enough juice to cover the figs. Cover and let them soak for a few hours.

Next, drain your rehydrated figs and use them in a recipe right away.

These will not last long since you are adding fruit juice; the fruit juice may start to ferment. Using fruit juice to rehydrate your figs is a method if you will use them in a recipe right with a few days.

Now that’s all there is to know about rehydrating dried figs, and it’s such an easy process a 10-year-old can do it.

How Long Are Rehydrated Dried Figs Good For?

If you rehydrate your figs, I would suggest using them right away. You don’t want to risk mold developing since you are adding moisture to the figs.

dehydrated figs in a mason jar; learn how to Rehydrate Dried Figs

What Can I do With Stale Dried Figs?

If your dried figs are very hard, then there may be a chance they are stale. Although they won’t get you sick, they may be too hard to chew. You can use our method to rehydrate figs above by pouring boiling water over them and allowing them to soak. If you want to add them to a dessert, you can also try soaking them in liquor, wine, rum, or whiskey. I would chop them up into small pieces using a smart cutter scissor or a veggie shredder. Making the pieces of stale dried fig small will allow you to increase the surface area, and they will rehydrate quicker.

Should You Soak Dried Figs?

It is unnecessary to rehydrate dried figs, but it is an excellent way to add moisture for some recipes. I prefer my dried figs dried and crispy. However, since dried figs are very tough, you may choose to rehydrate dried figs before adding them to any recipe.

How Long Does It Take To Soften Dried Figs?

Dried figs take different times to rehydrate depending on the condition and variety of dried figs. To rehydrate dried figs it typically takes 30 minutes to 4 hours. I suggest you check your dried fruit by testing it every 30 minutes until it’s soft and plump.

Feel the tough outer shell, and once it’s soft, you can take the fig out of the liquid solution. Dried figs should last for about one week after rehydrating them.

How do you use dehydrated figs?

You can first rehydrate your dried figs or use them as/is for any of these suggestions. It depends on how soft you want your dried figs.

  • Use them as a topping on a hot breakfast porridge, like steel-cut oats.
  • An ice cream sundae is a great way to use your dehydrated figs.
  • Add them to a balsamic vinegarette: use a carrot shredder to make the dry figs tiny pieces.
  • They make a  great salad topper.
  • Add them to cream cheese and lox on a bagel. Shred the figs first so you can sprinkle the figs onto the cream cheese for flavor.
  • Add them to the pizza before you bake the pizza. Figs pair exceptionally well with arugula and parmesan.
  • Make some homemade nut and dried fruit blends for when you need a quick snack on the road. I always carry a small bag of nuts; I usually add a mix of whatever nuts and organic non-sulfur dried fruits that I have on hand. Having these with you at all times prevents you from needing to buy unhealthy food while you are out and about.
  • Add them to a dried fig quickbread recipe.
  • Use them on a cheese plate; they complement most cheese varieties. If you are wondering what cheese goes with figs we have an entire article that cover this topic.

Can we drink fig soaked water?

Yes, it is possible to drink Anjeer water. Anjeer water is the water that drains off of figs that you boil and soak.

Soaked figs are beneficial for constipation problems. The nutritionist says that drinking Anjeer water is good for your health.

Conclusion for How to Rehydrate Dried Figs

Dried figs are a healthy snack food that you can eat as is, adding them to recipes or rehydrating.

The article provides an easy way for you to figure out how long your dried figs will take to soften before they are ready for use in recipes or other dishes, so check them every 30 minutes until plump and soft! If you want more ideas on what to do with stale dried figs, just keep reading this blog post because we have plenty of delicious suggestions that will work well with any recipe. Finally, if all these tips seem too complicated, then you can always use your dried figs without rehydrating them.