What is a Glass Fry Pan? [and Where to Buy One]

A glass frying pan (aka a glass skillet) is often an obsolete sometimes, vintage piece of nontoxic cookware. Glass does not conduct heat very well and you have a risk of the glass fry pan breaking. With a glass frying pan, you will want to let it heat up slowly since glass has a tendency to break when it experiences extreme temperature changes.

Be aware that it is much more common to see a glass baking set than a glass frying pan.

So whether you just like the look of glass frying pans or you saw that Breaking Bad episode where Jesse Pinkman is cooking eggs with a glass saute pan it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that finding a glass frying pan is harder than you think. The Breaking Bad scene features Jesse cooking Huevos Rancheros with eggs over easy in a glass frying pan.

When using a glass frying pan on your stovetop you may benefit from using a heat dispersal disk under the pan. Using this will help to quickly and efficiently make sure the entire bottom surface of the glass frying pan is hot.

Furthermore, the heat dispersal disk is similar to using a wok ring on an induction hob when using a wok on a glass top stove. A glass skillet does not heat up as quickly as a metal skillet.

One great feature about cooking with glass pans is that they are non-reactive with acids and they do not have harmful things that can leach into your food. Therefore glass cookware is a very safe alternative to non stick cookware.

It’s wise to have a mixture of cooking pots and not use just one single type of cookware. Using a variety of cookware materials is healthier than always using one type.

Why Would I Use One?

A glass frying pan can be used for oven-to-table presentations since you can easily see what the food looks like through transparent glass. Some people might consider a glass pan as a novelty item. Did you know that you can even bake a cake in a glass pan?

What Precautions Should I Take?

It is very important to be extra careful with a glass frying pan because cracking or breaking due to extreme changes in temperature can potentially injure someone.

2 of The Best Glass Flying Pans

Corning Vision Visionware Glass Fry Pan

Corning Vision Visionware Amber 10" Frying Pan w/Lid
  • Corning Vision Visionware Amber 10" Frying Pan w/Lid

Many of the Corningware Pyrex glass skillets are vintage items. You may get lucky and find one on amazon and if not there you can search around on ebay and hopefully get lucky there. The Corning Vision glass frying pans were originally designed and created in France. It is one of the few glass fry pan items that are safe to use on the stove and oven.

The handle of a glass fry pan - says Made in France

A lot of people can agree that cooking with a glass fry pan is a healthier option. Because you can check what’s happening in the pan without having to constantly take off a lid, glass frying pans are excellent for cooking on a stove.

One issue with glass frying pans is that they’re often obsolete and very expensive. But if you happen to be lucky, like I was, and find one on Amazon or eBay, it can make for a great addition to your non toxic cookware.


  • Won’t absorb odors.
  • The glass handles temperature changes well.
  • All glass fry pans are non-toxic.
  • Glass cookware is See-through.


  • There is a small risk of the glass fry pan breaking if it goes from extreme hot to extreme cold.
  • They are expensive.
  • A glass frying pan is hard to find and you may have to search thrift stores.
  • Glass is not a good heat conductor.

HEMOTON Glass Fry Pan/Saucepan

Glass Saucepan Nonstick Sauce Pot With Lid Pasta Pot Milk Pan Glass Stovetop Pot Kitchen Cookware For Noodle Soup Milk Food 400ML Transparent
  • Adoption of premium wood and high borosilicate glass material, sturdy and durable for long-term use.
  • The wooden handle can effectively prevent scalding and allows you to have a comfortable grip.
  • Smooth surface, it is easy to clean and wash, non-stick and practical.
  • It can be used to milk, mix salad, cook noodles, make tea, and so on, versatile and multi-functional.
  • A perfect partner for your life, bringing much convenience for you.

The Hemoton Glass Fry Pan is one of the most effective versatile pans to include in your inventory for day-to-day cooking. This pan is made from high-quality materials, so you won’t have to worry about it breaking anytime soon if you follow proper care instructions.

The wooden handle on this frying pan prevents scalding, which can happen with many other glass frying pans. Along with preventing scalding, the wooden handle also provides a comfortable grip that allows you to hold onto the fry pan much easier.

This glass saute pan has a smooth surface, which means that it is much easier to clean and wash. You can cook most dishes with it such as eggs, pasta, soup, tofu, or tea without having to take out other pots and pans. A glass frying pan is sure to meet all of your cooking needs and provide you with the utmost convenience. It truly makes a perfect accessory for your cookware collection.


  • Won’t absorb odors.
  • The wooden handle is a nice feature.
  • All glass fry pans are non-toxic.
  • Glass cookware is See-through.


  • It takes a while to heat up.
  • Glass is more breakable than metal.

Other places where you can purchase a glass frying pan:

  • Goodwill
  • Local thrift stores
  • Ebay
  • Replacements, LTD
  • Mercari
  • FB marketplace

Glass Frying Pan Benefits

  • It doesn’t react with food, so you won’t have to worry about harmful chemicals leaching into your food
  • Glass cookware is non-reactive.
  • You don’t need additional pots and pans for cooking many dishes.
  • Glass frying pan cooks evenly, especially when you use a heat dispersal disk.
  • The glass pan allows you to see your food as it cooks without having to open the lid.
  • The slick surface is partially non stick.

Are glass frying pans good?

Yes glass frying pans are a great way to add some variety to your cookware. Most importantly, glass frying pans are non toxic and won’t leach chemicals into your cooking. They also allow you to monitor your food as it’s being cooked. If you’re someone that prefers not to use non-stick cookware due to health concerns, a glass frying pan can be a good choice.

What do you use a glass skillet for?

There are many ways to use a glass frying pan. You can fry, saute, scramble eggs, make pasta, cook soup, boil tea, and much more. It’s important to note that when using a glass skillet you should bring the temperature of the skillet up before adding the food.

Are Glass Pans Non Stick?

A glass skillet is partially non-stick due to the slick surface of the glass. However, if you don’t add oil to the glass saute pan then your food may stick. Always add a light layer of oil to a glass skillet before you cook anything in the pan.

Pros and Cons of Glass Cookware

Pros of Glass Cookware

  • Glass retains heat.
  • It’s a non toxic surface.
  • You can see your food as it’s cooking.
  • A glass skillet has a slick surface, making it more non-stick then metal.

Cons of Glass Cookware

  • A glass cooking pan can break.
  • You have to be cautious about extreme temperature changes when using glass.
  • Glass takes longer to heat up then a stainless steel pan.