Vegan Restaurants Brooklyn: A List of 15 Must-Try Places in 2022

If you are looking for vegan restaurants – Brooklyn, we are here to help because we tried them all! Veganism is rising, but finding good vegan food outside your kitchen can be tough. Did you know that the public schools are trying out a new “vegan Friday lunch” program in NY? Our new Mayor Adams even said he tries to eat vegan for most meals.

With more and more people becoming plant-based and vegan, the number of options for great vegan food is exploding. But where can you find good vegan food without having to cook it?

We’ve got you covered with our list of the best vegan restaurants in Brooklyn. We will even cover some great restaurants that are not 100% vegan but do have great vegan options on their menu! From old-school favorites to new hotspots, we’ve got all the bases covered.

Vegan Restaurants Brooklyn – The Ultimate List

32 Vegan Restaurants Brooklyn, NY



Neighborhood: East Williamsburg

amituofu outdoor seating vegan brooklyn

One of the owners Tina Chau, like many of our other featured restaurant owners, wasn’t always vegan but wanted to find a better, cleaner, healthier way of eating and sharing that with the world; hence Amituofo was born.

What to get: Taiwanese 3 cup chicken, Stir-fried bok choy, and Eggplant with garlic sauce.

vegan-3-cup-chicken-bok choy from Amituofu in Brooklyn

The first time I went to Amituofu was in 2021, and ever since, I have tried many things on their menu; however, my go-to favorites are the three dishes I named above. They will make a perfect dinner for two people, and you will love all of the fresh garlic in the stir-fried bok choy dish. The food at this vegan restaurants Brooklyn will make both vegans and non-vegans happy! Amituofu has a large outdoor seating area too!


Aunts et Uncles

Neighborhood: Flatbush

Inside the cafe Aunts et Uncles - a vegan restaurant in Brooklyn
A patty from the cafe Aunts et Uncles - a vegan restaurant in Brooklyn
Outside the cafe Aunts et Uncles - a vegan restaurant in Brooklyn

This vegan restaurant in Flatbush has owners with deep Brooklyn roots. Nicole and Michael Nicholas live in Flatbush, with Nicole originating from Toronto but living in Brooklyn for the past 20 years and Michael growing up a few blocks from the cafe. Both owners have even deeper Caribbean roots. The food has a Caribbean flair, like the patties and “saltfish” sandwiches.

However, getting mofongo without the pork and a saltfish sandwich without the fish may just be a dream come true. Their goal was to make Aunts et Uncles an extension of their living room, and I think they succeeded. From their passion, commitment to quality food, and customer service, you can tell that they want to bring quality food and community to the neighborhood. The warm welcome you get when you walk through the door is a big bonus; many places make a person feel uncomfortable but not Aunts et Uncles.

The cafe has a cozy interior with colorful decor, minimalistic design, and plants, so it feels like a natural home. All the food is vegan, the owners are all about the community, and it feels good to support local businesses that give back in significant ways! Vegan restaurants Brooklyn!


Brooklyn Whiskers

Neighborhood: Bushwick

inside the cafe Brooklyn whiskers vegan bakery
outdoor seating for Brooklyn whiskers vegan bakery

When you go to Brooklyn Whiskers, you go for their pastries, cakes, and cookies. The sandwiches and the rest of the menu at this vegan bakery in Bushwick, Brooklyn are good, but not as good as their desserts. The desserts are where this cafe shines. Brooklyn Whiskers knows what it takes to make a Brooklyn vegan cookie taste like heaven. Not only that but don’t miss out on their coffee cakes. 

For vegan restaurants in Bushwick, Brooklyn Whiskers is a must-try place. As a kid growing up in NY, there was a local bakery I would go to that always had coffee cake in the mornings; well, now there is a vegan version that is 10x better than the original. If you are walking down Broadway just look for the cat symbol in the photo above, it might be easy to miss the place.


Bunna Cafe

Neighborhood: East Williamsburg

Bunna makes the best Ethiopian food in Brooklyn, better than any non-vegan place. Co-owners Liyuw Ayalew and Sam Saverance could never have imagined their once roaming pop-up restaurant would become such an iconic Brooklyn establishment!

The chef, Kedija Srage, grew up in Ethiopia, where they have a tradition of abstaining from meat for months at a time. Make sure you call ahead; they used to seat people on a first-come, first-serve basis, which means you may be waiting outside for over an hour to get a table.

They may make reservations now but call ahead to check. Ethiopian food is better eaten at a restaurant as opposed to at home. Their food is all vegan and gluten-free, making it even more popular. Their prices are reasonable but not cheap, so if you want good Ethiopian food but don’t want to break the bank, try Bunna Cafe. Be aware that they charge extra for more injera bread, which is not typical for an Ethiopian restaurant. You just order a meal for two (or more depending on how many people are at your table), and they bring you out a sampling of all their dishes.

You can choose which dishes you want to add to your sampler. Two of my favorites are cabbage and red lentils. Bunna is one of those unique places you reserve for occasions you want to remember; if you have out-of-town guests visiting, take them to Bunna. You will surely impress them. Brooklyn is on the map for its incredible vegan restaurants, and Bunna Cafe is one of the primary reasons.


Champs Diner

Neighborhood: Williamsburg

Champs is an iconic vegan restaurant in Brooklyn. There is no shortage of vegan food in Williamsburg, maybe not as many vegan places as Crown Heights, but still a lot. If you’ve ever been to the Paradox cafe in Portland, OR, you’ll feel a sense of deja vu when you are in Champs. With so many new vegan restaurants coming and going, we are glad that Champs is still there, like an old familiar friend you haven’t seen in a while. If you are craving vegan mac and cheese or a burger Champs is the place to go!

The team behind Champs is creating a mini vegan empire in the NYC area with Champs, Hartbreakers, and Screamers. All three restaurants are different but have a common goal of intersecting animal and human rights. With almost 3,000 google reviews that are nearly five stars, Champs is a Brooklyn vegan restaurant that is here to stay.

Get yourself over to Williamsburg for a chocolate milkshake and cheeseburger that won’t leave you feeling guilty. They Specialize in vegan brunch, chicken and waffles, tofu scrambles, burgers, fries, milkshakes, pancakes, french toast, and unique appetizers. If you’re looking for a place to eat some great vegan diner-type food, head to Champs, (vegan restaurants Brooklyn).


Clementine Bakery

Neighborhood: Bedford Stuyvesant / Clinton Hill

Clementine bakery is co-owned by Michelle Barton and Michael Glen.  Michelle, a former vegan baker at Lifethyme Market on 6th Ave, came to Bed Stuy in the early 2000s. Their bakery was at the forefront of the vegan community in the early 2000s. Lifethyme used to be one of the only places to get a gluten-free, vegan cookie or slice of cake. Clementine specializes in vegan gluten-free baking; their morning muffins are so good that sometimes they are the only thing that gets me out of bed.

There is nothing better than a cup of coffee and warm muffin from Clementine bakery, except perhaps a warm cinnamon roll! You can order custom cakes, eat lunch, or just stop by for a quick coffee and cookie. Whatever you do, definitely check out this bakery and order some vegan sweets. Not all items are gluten-free. However, the entire bakery is vegan. With ten years under their belts, they are now a vegan institution and travel destination in NYC.


Familiars Vegan Coffee Shop

Neighborhood: Bedford Stuyvesant / Stuyvesant Heights

Suppose you are looking for a bagel/coffee shop that is 100% vegan; look no further and head to Familiars Coffee Shop. The geniuses behind Toad Style are also the brainchild of Familiars. Forget about vegan restaurants Brooklyn, Familiars is the first all-vegan coffee shop in Brooklyn!

I love the unique bagel sandwiches like beet lox, vegan fig, and prosciutto. The sweet fig complements the salty prosciutto; they nailed it on this one!

However on one of my recent visits, the fig bagel was subpar, the lettuce was wilted, and the sandwich was thrown together in a way that was not appealing. Plus they didn’t toast the bagel as I asked.

Whenever I come back, I want to work my way through the menu, but I keep getting the fig and prosciutto. There’s always a next time!

They also feature unique “specials of the day” bagel sandwiches, like pickles and kimchee with carrots and cucumber. I love kimchee, but like, I said before, the fig and prosciutto have me hooked.

Since fig season is not year-round, I guess they create the sandwich by rehydrating dried figs or using fig jam. I recommend Familiars for anyone looking for excellent vegan eats in Brooklyn. I love the specials of the day, which offer even more variety.  The staff is welcoming, friendly, and helpful, plus the coffee is delicious.

Keep in mind that it’s more of a neighborhood spot, and might not be worth the trek if you don’t live or work nearby.


Greedi Vegan

Neighborhood: Bedford Stuyvesant / Stuyvesant Heights

Greedi kitchen walnut sliders -Brooklyn vegan

Chef Latisha Daring grew up in a vegan household; her mom;  chose the vegan lifestyle as a natural extension of her religious beliefs. When the pandemic hit, Chef Daring made the tough decision to close the Bergen Street location, focusing on the Ralph avenue one. The Bergen Steet location was just a counter, with a few seats, then a few years later, Chef Daring opened up a larger cafe, with more seating and a more oversized kitchen on  Ralph Ave.

Like many other restauranteurs on our list, Chef Latisha Daring grew up in Brooklyn, specifically in Flatbush, and went to school in Crown Heights, close to the original Greedi Kitchen location. Now she lives in Brownsville, not too far from the Ralph Avenue location.

The vegan Po’boys are a little slice of heaven. Go with the oyster mushroom Po’boy if it’s your first time here. Then on your second visit, try one of the Jerk bowls and some nachos. You will want to keep hitting this place up; it’s the bomb, no matter where in the city you live.

If you’re looking for a vegan meal that will knock your socks off, look no further than Greedi Vegan. This Brooklyn hotspot is known for its oyster mushroom Po’ boys Po’boys bowls, and it is sure to please even the most discerning palates. The atmosphere is cozy and inviting, and they have an excellent outdoor eating space, which is awesome for a vegan brunch in Brooklyn. I can’t recommend this place enough – it’s definitely for anyone visiting Brooklyn.



Neighborhood: Clinton Hill

Guevera's vegan Cuban food outside
Milanesa at Gueveras vegan brooklyn restaurant
inside Gueveras Brooklyn vegan Cuban food inside the cafe with the owner in the background

Guevara’s is owned by Alicia Guevara, who also owns the famous Mecklebergs nearby. Gueveras features vegan Cuban food and a vegan grocery, all inside a space with many house plants, many of which are for sale. The sandwich at gueveras that I got on my most recent visit was the Torta Milanesa. I think anyone trying Guevara’s for the first time should start with the Torta Milanesa. It’s a sandwich with vibrant colors red cabbage, homemade pickled cherry tomatoes, and an eggplant cutlet that is to die for. 

In the past, I got the breakfast torta, which is a vegan egg sandwich, and might be the best egg sandwich ever. It’s a definite lose destination vegan spots people come from all over the city to support. Guevara’s is not just a restaurant but a cozy space that sells house plants. It’s green, vibrant, and sunny.

Expect long lines, a long ait for the food, but once you get your food, you will soon realize that it was all worth it! When a vegan spot can make even meat eat meat-eater change their diet, you know they are doing something right. Come here for vegan brunch in Brooklyn! If you are a vegan living in or visiting NYC, your first stop should be Gueveras!



Neighborhood: Bushwick

Hartbreakers hails from the team behind Champs diner and Screamers pizza. They are not open all day, every day, so call ahead before you make the trip to this excellent vegan restaurant. Hartbreakers is all about the chicken, but not just any old type; it’s vegan. Hartbreakers Diner is a haven for those looking to enjoy casual American dishes without compromising their vegan lifestyle.

If you are looking for a simple place that caters to junk food without animal products, come to Hartbreakers. You’ll also find a few salads on the menu if you want to balance out the fried foods with some greens. The unique sauces that make in-house are just another thing that sets Hartbreakers apart from the many other vegan places around Brooklyn.


Louie’s Plant-Based – Louie’s Luncheonette

Neighborhood: Greenpoint

After the world began shutting down during 2020’s global pandemic, brothers Louie and Matt moved from owning GreepointGreenpointo Company to their home base of Plant BasPlant-Basedhey have been using all-natural ingredients for years now with some help from Steven DeAngelo. He also happens to be a long-time friend! 

When the owner of Louie’s Luncheonette went from eating meat to being vegetarian, he found himself missing sandwich meats. That is when this vegan deli concept in Greenpoint made its way onto his radar. Louie’s Plant BasPlant-Based much more than just a good sandwich became what they are known for – creating healthy sandwiches using vegan, non-GMO ingredients like vital wheat gluten, fresh vegetables, or spices.

That is why when you walk into Louie’s Luncheonette today chances, are high that what awaits your taste buds has been created with non-Gmo ingredients 100% vegan friendly! You’ll find them at many popup markets throughout the spring, summer, and fall. Make sure to order online or call ahead to their lunch window in Greenpoint. Order up some of their vegan pepperoni for later; your pizza will thank you for it. Then take your sandwich to the waterfront and have a fabulous day!


Luanne’s Wild Ginger

Neighborhood: Fort Greene, Crown Heights, Little Italy, and Cobble Hill

Luanne’s Wild Ginger is one of those vegan restaurants in Brooklyn constantly expanding. They are a Pan-Asian restaurant with healthy ingredients; they use kale, shiitakes, asparagus, broccoli, and many other nutritious ingredients. Their best dishes are the crispy soy and BBQ seitan skewers, grilled miso eggplant, and summer rolls.

All of their dishes will satisfy that umami taste and fill you up! If you are in the mood for soy and seitan, check this place out. If you are craving Chinese, other Asian, or Korean food and don’t want to worry about meat containing your food, then Luannes’s Wild Ginger will be there for you. Just order in from Luanne’s when you don’t feel like cooking.

Their food is consistently good across all four locations, however, for vegan restaurants Brooklyn, Luanne’s is a must-try! Plus, the outdoor seating is perfect for a summer day.


Modern Love

Neighborhood: Williamsburg

Some of us older vegans might know chef, author, and Modern Love owner Isa Chandra Moskowitz from her famous vegan cookbook:  Veganomicon. I still pull that book out for recipe ideas because it is full of gems! The Modern Love restaurant is definitely on the fancier side of our best vegan restaurant list; many of our other picks are more like a cafe; however, Modern Love is open for dinner with brunch on the weekends only.

With a seasonal menu, make sure you go when you can order the pot pie. The pot pie and mac and shews are two dishes on their menu that shine.If you’re looking for a vegan restaurant that will wow your taste buds and makes you feel like a king or queen, Modern Love is the place to be.

The food here is exquisite- I mean, who doesn’t love a good pot pie? It’s comfort food at its finest! Not to mention, the atmosphere is top-notch. I felt like royalty when I was dining here. If you’re looking for the vegan in Williamsburg for a special night out, look no further than Modern Love. It is definitely on the list for date spots in Brooklyn!


Monks Meats / Monks Vegan Smokehouse

Neighborhood: Bushwick

Monk’s Meats has the vegan BBQ niche cornered, and they are doing it well! We like how they have a “Pulled Oyster Mushroom” sandwich if you want to go light on the wheat gluten. If you are touring the “vegan restaurants Brooklyn” then definitely add Monks Meats to your stops.

However, it’s a great go-to lunch or dinner spot if you live in the neighborhood. Since they offer wholesale, they provide many other restaurants on our list with wholesale “meats”. 

You’ll find them at many of the Smorgasburg locations in the metropolitan area. They make all of their Seitan – plant meat in-house right here in NYC. Being vegetarian for over 17 years, the owner, Chris, fell in love with seitan as an alternative to meat soon after becoming vegetarian. You can see a video of his entire process for making it on their website.


Natural Blend

Neighborhood: Crown Heights

Walking around Crown Heights, you’ll notice all the tiny Caribbean take-out restaurants. If you didn’t already know that Natural Blend was a vegan institution in the neighborhood since 2008, you may just pass it by and miss out on this neighborhood gem.

Natural Blend now has four locations, two in Crown Heights, one in Flatbush, and a third in Bed-Stuy. The one on Washington Ave is the original location and is the only one I frequently visit.

My two favorite things are the patties (callaloo + lentil-pumpkin) and the sorrel drink. When I lived in the Caribbean, I often drank local sorrel, so to find it in Brooklyn again was a memorable trip down memory lane. It’s close to Prospect Park, so you can get some food to go and have a vegan picnic in the park! Don’t forget to get some baked goods later on; the pumpkin bread will taste great with your coffee tomorrow morning!


Nefista Vegan Kofteh

Neighborhood: Sheepshead Bay

Nefista is a mini Turkish vegan empire that has vegan restaurants worldwide.  Çiğ köfte are these signature Turkish meatballs; Nefista has a vegan version. They are similar to other Middle Eastern meatballs like kofta. In Turkey, they have vegetarian versions of this but are rarely vegan.

If you are looking for some unique but tasty vegan food, then head down to Sheepshead Bay to try out some spicy wraps. Nefista is only one of two vegan places in Sheepshead Bay from all of my research. They are transparent about all of their ingredients in the Koftehs; there are no surprises here, just super healthy and unique food! Despite the name vegan in their brand, the store has some non-vegan items, like yogurt and dessert.


Ras Plant-Based – Vegan Brunch in Brooklyn!

Neighborhood: Crown Heights

The owners Romeo and Milka Regalli have reinvented recipes that they watched their grandparents make. Even their top-selling dish, which combines tofu cubes simmered with tomatoes, jalapeños, and spices, is a direct creation from owner Romeo’s mother.

Awash, the established amazing (I’ve been to Awash many times) Ethiopian restaurant in Cobble Hill, is owned by Milka’s mother. Romeo and Milka (the co-owners of Ras) met while working together at Awash.

Crown Heights just might easily have the largest population of vegan restaurants in Brooklyn. It looks like Bunna has some competition in the best vegan Ethiopian category because Ras Pant Based is killing it! Get a sampler platter and extra injera; make sure to pick the mushroom tibs for an umami explosion in your mouth.

Just like Bunna, Ras also has exceptionally long wait times. You may expect to wait up to an hour before being seated, but don’t let that stop you; just go to Ras, and you’ll be ecstatic you did. There’s no way you’ll leave dissatisfied from a meal at this establishment.


Renegades of Sunset

Neighborhood: Sunset Park

Renegades of Sunset is a vegan sandwich shop within the Industry City Food Hall. Sunset Park lacked an excellent vegan restaurant; we are happy that Vinnie Bolognese and Fred Panah changed that. According to rumors, they met while together at the high-end vegan eatery ABCV.

You might call Renegades of Sunset vegan junk food,  but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. They have those vegan bacon cheeseburgers that we all love, as well as mac and cheese. I would describe their food as upscale fast food.

Their menu is limited to just a few items, but everything on the menu is impressive! Even their two salads a popping with flavor. They make seasonal sandwiches pulling from a variety of cuisines as well as their imagination, as can be seen from their Vietnamese  Bahn mi sandwich and cheesesteak. Industry city has a lot to offer; we are glad that there is finally an all-vegan establishment!


Screamers Pizza

Neighborhood: Crown Heights and Greenpoint

It’s about time Brooklyn got an authentic pizzeria that’s vegan.  It’s run by Brad Baker, who also co-owns Champs Diner Haymaker’s Corner Store with chefs Mark Mebus (Philly Blackbird Pizzeria) & Ryan Moylan. You’ll find all the traditional pies like pepperoni, sausage & mushroom, plain cheese, Margherita, and more.

The fact that Screamers pizza combined forces with Blackbird Pizzaria from Philly (which is on the map for the best vegan pizza in America), well,  let’s just say there are no words for how excellent Screamers tastes!

The place is small, and they don’t offer their entire menu by the slice at all times; however, feel free to call ahead, order a pie and have yourself an outdoor picnic!


Secret Garden

Neighborhood: Bedford-Stuyvesant

There is no shortage of vegan food in Brooklyn, especially for a Caribbean owner. The owner Joy Thomas grew up in Barbados, and we are glad that Joy and the Secret Garden are here for us. You might be inclined to walk by and miss this place since it is tucked away. It’s a small cafe specializing in smoothies, teas, small bites, and sandwiches.

Their lentil soup is hands down the best lentil soup that I have had at a restaurant. If you live in the area, this type of place becomes your “local spot.” Overall, I am very impressed with the food at Secret Garden, and so are all of the other people who gave it a 5-star review. 

I would recommend it to anyone looking for an excellent vegan meal, especially if you live in Bed-Stuy.


Simply Sweet

Neighborhood: Sheepshead Bay

Simply Sweet is getting Sheepshead Bay on the best Brooklyn vegan bakery map. They are a bakery with a specialty: organic, gluten-free, raw, vegan, and no refined sugar. How do they taste? Is it worth the trip to Sheepshead Bay? The answer is YES, to both. Sweet Sweet finds a new and delectable method to enjoy dessert without the guilt.If you love cheesecake but haven’t found a vegan version, try the Simply Sweetcakes.

The cake’s texture is more like that of a cheesecake, but if you try any product, get their hazelnut chocolate spread. (which they recently added to amazon)  It is excellent, with no refined sugars or corn syrup like other major brands, just healthy ingredients. So go ahead and treat yourself and put it on that morning toast!

Things to try are the lemon blueberry cake, hazelnut chocolate spread, and Snickers cake. However, if you don’t plan on eating the desserts there, make sure to bring a freezer bag and an ice pack because if the weather is warm, the desserts don’t hold up well during travel. Another

Pro tip: order extra desserts, freeze them, and then you have the treat to have with a scoop of vegan ice cream sometime down the road.


Sol Sips – Vegan Brunch in Brooklyn

Neighborhood: Bushwick

Sol Sips opened in 2018 when the owner Francesca Chaney, was just 22 years old. Before opening the restaurant, she began selling organic beverages at art festivals and pop-up shops around Brooklyn. Over the years, I have eaten at Sol Sips many times; it’s the unique flavor combinations that keep me coming back.

All of  Francesca Chaney’s recipes are not lacking in flavor; in fact, they are just the opposite, loaded with fabulous flavors that will leave you wanting more. The owner grew up in the East New York area of Brooklyn and is making a significant impact on the vegan scene here in Brooklyn.

Recently, Sol Sips expanded into meal kits and packaged foods, and they hope to carry more vegan groceries soon. However, this review is only for the restaurant.

Pro tip: order online ahead of time if you take it to go because they are very slow when preparing your meal. My go-to sandwich is the jackfruit sandwich; the tamarind sauce gives everything a considerable depth of flavor. 

The “bacon egg and cheese” with the tempeh bacon is another one of my regulars. Their smoothies are excellent but expensive, so be prepared to spend $30 or more dollars for two people to eat here. Sol Sips is killing it as far as vegan restaurants in Bushwick go!


Terms of Endearment

Neighborhood: Williamsburg

Let Terms of Endearment be your go-to vegan bakery in Williamsburg. If you are a strict vegan, you’ll know that croissants are probably only in your memories. Not anymore, Terms of Endearment’s former pastry chef, Aja Brumley, and owner Chef Makenna Hale simply mastered the vegan croissant.

So go ahead and order vegan bacon, egg, and cheese; your friends will be impressed! I don’t want “egg and cheese,” no problem, they have a vegan lox that will have you second-guessing if it’s real salmon. It might seem like a Godsend to find a vegan croissant, and being vegan in Williamsburg is not a struggle.

Terms of Endearment Vegan Bakery
terms of endearment - brooklyn croissant sandwich

If you don’t live nearby, you will be trying to figure out how to get back here more frequently. Having run the kitchen at the iconic Champs DIner before opening Terms of Endearment, Chef Makenna Hale, has years of experience running a vegan restaurant.

Aesthetically and food-wise, Champs and Terms of Endearment are nothing alike. However, they both deserve their place in the unique vegan restaurants of Brooklyn.

Terms of Endearment is a cozy bakery with a delightful selection of pastries, breakfast sandwiches, and lunch foods.


Toad Style

Neighborhood: Bedford Stuyvesant / Stuyvesant Heights

If you are a vegan in Brooklyn, you have probably been to Toad Style. All of your vegan friends are more than likely raving about how great their food is.

Toad Style arrived on the Brooklyn vegan map back in 2015 when they aimed to change all the negative press about vegan food and bring vegan food to the neighborhood where they were residing.Their menu features favorites like BBQ Jackfruit bowl and nachos and unique items like our housemade burgers.

Whether you live in Bed-Stuy or not, it’s worth a journey to check out Toad Style, a Bed-Stuy vegan home away from home! They are trying to change the word vegan by showing people that  It’s not just about eating healthy; it’s about eating green while still enjoying your food.

Nowadays, being vegan is not about being stuck with steamed vegetables and tofu all day long. And Toad Style proves this! This little punk rock hole-in-wall vegan establishment has been going on for seven years, so if you still have not checked them out, then it’s time you make the trek to Bed-Stuy for their famous Sunshine burger!


Verdure Vegan Jamaican Restaurant

Neighborhood: Flatlands/Canarsie

Craving Caribbean cuisine but don’t eat meat? Look no further! The owner, Shauna Hinds, hails from Jamaica, and bringing healthy food to her community in Brooklyn was of utmost importance.No one has an excuse not to enjoy some delicious vegan Jamaican food today!

Their menu changes daily, so there’s always something new to try!  I also love that it’s cafeteria-style, and they have rice and quinoa as an option. Some days you are just in the mood for a healthier grain like quinoa.

The way they prepare the cabbage is top-notch; it reminds me of the five months I spent living in the Caribbean in 2012, definitely 5-star comfort food! And if that isn’t enough reason to check it out, they also do catering events; with their unique soup and meal combinations, they are sure to have something that appeals to everyone.

Many people thought of vegan food as bland long ago, but that’s not the case at Verdure. Their chefs are passionate about creating flavorful dishes that excite your taste buds. If you’re looking for something different in a Jamaican restaurant, Verdure is the place for you. 



Neighborhood: Park Slope

Brothers Danny and Alex Carabano opened this Latin fusion vegan spot in Park Slope in 2006. Now they have a few more locations throughout the city. There is a reason it’s still in business because the menu is unique and constantly changing. My tip is to stick with the Latin dishes since this restaurant shines.

The vegan nachos and empanadas are where it’s at! Although the hero on Philly cheesesteak hero semolina bread is pure genius, I think it’s the best Philly Cheese Steak in the entire city of New York! They make the empanadas from scratch and hence do run out frequently. So if you are going for the empanadas, call ahead to make sure they have them.

Below this line are restaurants with great vegan options but are not 100% vegan restaurants in Brooklyn.

Fantastic places to eat vegan in Brooklyn; however, they are not exclusively vegan restaurants. The vegan options each of these places offers are not an afterthought.


Silver Rice

Neighborhood: Crown Heights and Flatbush

Silver Rice are some of those places that make consistent, high-quality sushi with plenty of vegan options.

What to get when eating here as a vegan:

pickled cabbage salad

miso soup

Vegetable silver rice cup

Crunchy shallot roll

Any of their daily vegan special rolls


Dar 525

Neighborhood: Williamsburg and Greenpoint

Dar is a Mediterranean restaurant with plenty of vegan options. Most of my Dar experiences are with takeout, as I have dined here only a few times. It does have a large dining room, so it’s great for a group of friends, especially since there are vegan and non-vegan options. It’s one of those places that can quickly become your go-to spot if you live in the area.

What to get when eating here as a vegan:

Zaatar bread

Assorted vegan platter (babaganouj, beet salad, tabouleh, moutabel, and more)



Neighborhood: Cobble Hill – Park Slope and many other NYC locations

Although they specialize in organic free-range meat burgers, they now have an entire menu dedicated to their vegan burgers. We like how you have the option for an impossible burger, a bean burger, or an excellent catch fish-free patty. If you are gluten-free, they have gluten-free buns or lettuce wraps. I took my mother-in-law, who is celiac, here a few years ago, and she loved the burgers.

What to get when eating here as a vegan:

Any of their signature vegan burgers.


Onion rings

Smoke sauce



Neighborhood: Bushwick

Buntopia’s owner Sean Chen is here to promote clean eating, and luckily for us, it has plenty of vegan options on the menu. It’s Asian fusion with a focus on bao buns.

What to get when eating here as a vegan:

Mango Tango vegan sushi roll

Miso Hell ramen

Zesty Green sushi roll

Oyster Bay bun


Public Display of Affection

Neighborhood: Gowanus

We love this wood-burning pizzeria that focuses on vegetables. They have plenty of vegan pizza options alongside their non-vegan pizzas. It’s a great place to go when one person is vegan, and the other eats meat. PDA’s pizza is the star here, but they also have daily specials, salads, and smaller dishes that will have you wanting to come back for more. Chef Robert Guimond and his business partner Emi Guimond are making a name for themselves and standing out amongst the hundreds of other pizzerias around the city.

What to get when eating here as a vegan:

Vegan white pizza

Vegan red pizza



Neighborhood: Dumbo

A vegetarian/vegan deli. Think NY deli with deli-style sandwiches, breakfast sandwiches,  and more. Yes, this place serves vegan food in Brooklyn, but it is not exclusively vegan. The owner Jeremy Dean, a Salvadoran-Mexican chef, says they usually only serve five sandwiches, each playing on a classic bodega sandwich. Honestly, the side dishes are where vodega shines, and they are what keep me coming back. Get here early, take your food to the Brooklyn Heights boardwalk, and watch the sunset over the East river.

What to get when eating here as a vegan:

Breakfast burrito with vegan pastrami

Vegan BLT

Jackfruit Cuban