The Best Electric Wok for 2022

If you are looking for the best electric wok, look no further, our guide will help you choose one.

If you are one of those people who doesn’t have a gas range stovetop, then an electric wok might be right up your alley. The portability of an electric wok is one of its greatest assets. Imagine being able to make a healthy stir fry outdoors? 

The best electric wok will allow you to cook an entire meal outside of a kitchen. Pair it with a stainless steel rice cooker and you are set!

Since the world is in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are retreating to the outdoors. An electric wok can provide you with more cooking options than just a barbeque would. 

Stopping the spread of the coronavirus is enhanced by us having more outdoor gatherings. 

More outdoor gathering means finding unique ways to cook outdoors. Hence cooking with the best electric wok will allow you to make a meal on any tabletop around.

Electric Wok cooking can happen just about anywhere that has a power source. If you want an alternative to cooking on a stovetop, the best electric wok can help you achieve this.

If you are camping, then make sure to bring an electric wok. Don’t forget to bring a stainless steel fish scaler if you are catching whole fish near your campsite. Remember that If you were to use a battery-powered electric wok then you’d have a very heavy piece of equipment to carry about. If you are glamping then an electric wok just might work well, and give you more options for creating unique meals while glamping.

Woks allow you to create quick and healthy meals. If you are using shredded carrots in your wok dish definitely shred them ahead of time and keep them in a sealed container. This is because the moisture from the carrots will cause your dish to be watery. If the shredded carrots are too moist then you will need to drain the excess water by pressing down with a paper towel.

The Best Electric Wok Reviews

Number One Pick for the Best Electic Wok

  1. Breville Hot Wok Pro

The best electric wok has to be the  Breville Hot  Wok Pro! 

Breville is a kitchenware brand that’s been around since the 1930s. Their motto is to empower people in the kitchen while helping them do things more straightforward.

The Breville Hot Wok Pro allows you to get the same consistency as you would with a gas flame. With this in mind, it is why it is our number one pick for the best electric wok out there.

If you are a regular user of the wok, you’ll know that having a handheld vegetable shredder is going to bring your wok dishes to the next level!

Some key features of this high-quality electric wok are 

  • The acutely sensitive controls include multiple settings with temperatures up to 425°F.
  • The versatility allows you to steam, stir-fry, make soups, or create stews.
  • The wok disassembles quickly for storage.
  • Adjustable steam vent on the tempered-glass lid for safety and moisture control
  • PFOA-free, nonstick aluminum interior for easy cleaning
  • Features an 1800-watt heating element maximizing your ability to achieve the high temperatures needed for a delicious stir-fry.
Breville Hot Wok Pro
  • 8 qt large capacity with quick release base
  • removable dish washer friendly bowl
  • 15 heat settings up to 425 degrees

Things We Like

  • It heats up quickly.
  • Large capacity, 8 quarts, allows you to make a meal for four or more people.
  • The body and bottom of the wok are thick, allowing for an excellent transfer of heat.
  • The quality is so good that this best electric wok will last for many years. (as long as you take care of it properly)

Things We Don’t Like

  • The non-stick coating can chip after excessive daily use. We recommend following the directions when cleaning this electric wok, so you don’t have the same issue.
  • Some people have a hard time getting the temperature just right. The Breville electric wok will l take some practice to master your meals.

The Best Small Electric Woks! – A Small Electric Wok

  1.  Continental Brand Professional Series Chef Electric Wok, 4.5 Quart, Black

If you don’t have the counter space for the larger Breville model, this is an excellent option for a smaller electric wok.  Continental brand has been around for over 20 years; they aim to develop products that the consumer can count on at a low price point.

Another great feature is that it’s an electric stainless steel wok. Finding an electric stainless steel wok is not easy, so we are glad this one has 2 great features: being small and stainless steel.

We love the fact that this small electric wok lets even those people with small kitchens have the benefits of wok cooking.

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This best electric wok has a smaller size makes it an excellent choice for an RV, dorm room, or studio apartment.

Professional Series Chef Electric Wok, 4.5 Quart, Black
  • CONVENIENT SPACE to add to your cooking area with this electric wok pan and make all your recipes with ease
  • DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL body and non-stick surface for quality results
  • SIDE HANDLES and tempered glass lid let you handle with care and no splattered mess
  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE control to cook evenly
  • MEASURES 16 5L x 14W x 7 5H" Inches with 900watt power

Things We Like About this Small Electric Wok

  • The nonstick surface allows for easy cleanup.
  • The electric wok makes an excellent gift for college students.
  • The stainless steel body allows you to keep the meal hot, as well as cook on a non toxic safe surface.
  • The see-through glass lid helps prevent splatter.

Things We Don’t Like About this Small Electric Wok

  • The cord is short on this small electric wok. So you have to use it close to the power source.
  • The temperature control does not provide as much fine-tuning control as the Breville electric wok.

The best electric wok for every kitchen.

Another Great Small Electric Wok!

  1. ELE ELEOPTION BRAND 4-IN-1 Multifunction Small Electric Wok, Cooker, Skillet, Grill, and Pot. 

Why is this our pick for another best small electric wok? The primary reason is the multifunctionality of the machine. This multifunctional cooker doubles as a non-stick electric wok that can also cook rice, soup, healthy vegetables, and just about anything.

The wok’s bottom has an even heat distribution, so your meal will come out perfect each time. The ELE ELEOPTION electric cooker is an excellent small electric wok for a student. The small size and ease of use will allow them to save money and create any meal type in their dorm room.

4-IN-1 Multifunction Electric Hot Pot Steamers Skillet Grill Pot Wok Electric Rice Cookers for Noodles Cook Rice Fried Stew Soup Steamed Fish Egg Non-stick (2.3L, with Lid and Steamer)
  • HEALTHY COOKING: Food grade materials, safe, stable. The inner layer is made of healthy 304 stainless steel. Tao Jing non-stick coating: non-stick pan, cleaning is simpler.
  • SAFE AUTOMATIC SHUTDOWN: No need to worry when cooking. The anti-drying is automatically turned off when the water is dry. Very convenient pot to cook for students,mother, grandmother.
  • PP ANTI-SCALDING HANDLE: Easy to grip, comfortable to touch, will not fall, effective heat insulation and anti-scalding.
  • SAVE TIME: The Electric skillet has fast and slow two heating modes, easy to operate. At the same time, you can use the steaming and boiling method to save you time.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONS: cooked, boiled, braised, stewed, steamed. The transparent glass lid allows you to observe the food maturity at any time during the cooking process. The bottom of the pot is evenly heated and the food is more delicious.

Things We Like About this Small Electric Wok

  • This best electric wok is a space saver. The variety of meals you can cook in one machine is worth it.
  • The small size makes this non-stick wok easy to take on a camping trip.
  • This small electric wok is excellent for car camping and will attach to a car battery with an inverter.
  • The Low price point makes the low-quality machine forgivable.

Things We Don’t Like About this Small Electric Wok

  • Not a high-quality design. 
  • The small electric non-stick wok will not last a lifetime.

A Great Pick For a 5 QT Electric Wok

4. Aroma Housewares Professional AEW-306 Electric Wok with Tempered Glass Lid Easy Clean Nonstick, Cooking Chopsticks, Tempura and Steaming Racks, 5Qt

Aroma Housewares is a brand that prides itself on making life easier for the home chef. This brand wants to make clean-up as easy as possible. They manage this by making the inside of the wok as well as the domed lid nonstick.

This best electric wok is everything you need to make all your favorite modern and traditional Asian foods. 

Since there are no temperature gauges on the control, you will need to cook a few meals to figure out what setting you will need for your cooking style.

Aroma Housewares AEW-306 Electric Wok with Tempered Glass Lid Easy Clean Nonstick, Cooking Chopsticks, Tempura and Steaming Racks, Professional Model, Black
  • THE COMPLETE WOK KIT: Our wok pan comes with everything you need to cook authentic Asian and modern dishes. Each pack comes with an AEW-306 wok, high domed tempered glass lid, extra-long chopsticks to help you cook along with a steaming rack and a tempura rack. Power Consumption : 120V 60Hz 1500W
  • LARGE SIZE & QUICK HEAT UP: This large 5-Quart capacity wok gives you all the space you need to make anything you have in mind. It’s made to handle high temperatures, heat up rapidly and maintain the heat so you can make cooking delicious meals faster and easier
  • DURABLE & NONSTICK: Our stir fry pan is made using durable and heavy-duty cast aluminum that can handle daily use in the long run which coupled with the nonstick coating provides you with a simple way to cook even the messiest of dishes without worrying about lengthy cleanups
  • COOK LIKE A PRO: The wok with lid is designed with a temperature probe that allows you to maintain a consistent temperature for even cooking. The lid is designed with a steam vent that allows you to control the moisture when cooking or steaming giving you the freedom to make stir fry, soups, fajitas, fried tempura, and much more
  • EASY TO HANDLE & CLEAN: The cool-touch base and handles make it easier and safer to use the wok while keeping you in control. The entire wok can easily be disassembled and detached from the base to be cleaned in the dishwasher or hand-washed in the sink

Things We Like

  • The wok comes in 2 size options. 
  • It has a domed lid that is nonstick.
  • The detachable base makes storage easy.
  • This best electric wok comes with a tempura rack.
  • This particular electric wok model is light; it is excellent if you can’t lift heavy items.
  • It heats up quickly in about 5 minutes.

Things We Don’t Like

  • There are no temperature markings on the heat controller.
  • The heating element cord is not removable. So you must be careful not to get it wet when cleaning it.
  • It does not have a light to let you know when it has reached the desired temperature.
  • The electric wok is more shallow than other models.

The Best Induction Wok with Cooktop – NuWave Wok Reviews

5. NUWAVE MOSAIC Induction Wok with 14-inch carbon steel wok with tempered glass lid; precision temperature control from 100F to 575F; also includes 90-recipe chef-created cookbook, and 8-piece Bamboo accessory kit [two 2-tier Bamboo steamer trays (9 inches in diameter) with Lid; 25 perforated wax paper sheets for steaming (9 inches in diameter); one Bamboo tongs  one Bamboo skimmer for frying (15 inches long); one Bamboo brush; 5 sets of Bamboo chopsticks

Unfortunately, right now this wok is unavailable, we sure do hope that the Nuwave Mosaic Induction wok comes back in stock soon because it is a great addition to any person with single burner stovetops.

Wow, this best electric wok comes with a lot of accessories as well as the induction wok cooktop. If you are wondering what makes this Nuwave Mosaic Induction wok so special then you are in the right place.

The best feature about this induction wok is that it has precise temperature control from 100F to a hot 575F. The fact that it uses induction heat is what allows it to have accurate temperature control.

Top-rated induction cooktops are what many chefs prefer when a gas range is not available.

This NUWAVE 14 inch best induction wok will make a meal for a family of four. You must follow the directions and season the wok before use.

NUWAVE Mosaic Induction Wok With 14-Inch Carbon Steel Wok And Tempered Glass Lid; Includes 8-Piece Bamboo Accessory Kit Featuring Steamer Trays, Tongs, Skimmer, Paper Sheets, Brush & Chopsticks
  • AUTHENTIC WOK COOKING AT HOME! Finally, a true carbon-steel wok, with tempered glass lid, frying rack, with precise temperature control from 100F to a searing 575F, for authentic wok cooking and more
  • TRADITION AND TECHNOLOGY COMBINED- With induction technology you get even heat distribution and precise temperature control, wide temperature range, carbon steel wok, tempered glass lid, stainless-steel frying rack, digital timer and wattage control, all combined to be the most complete wok cooking package ever!
  • MORE THAN STIR FRY- Use the Mosaic every day for soups, fajitas, pastas, fried tempura, delicious deserts and much more.
  • The Mosaic Induction Wok includes the precision induction base, the 5-quart carbon steel wok, tempered glass lid, stainless-steel wok stand and frying rack . Also includes 8-piece Bamboo accessory kit with a 90 chef-created cookbook
  • Authentic wok cooking at home with induction technology and everything you need to make healthy delicious meals faster and easier than ever before

Things We Like

  • It gets hot in seconds.
  • The wok comes with everything that you need to get started.

Things We Don’t Like

  • If you don’t follow the instruction precisely for seasoning this wok, then your food will stick.
  • It does not come with a lot of instructions for making a variety of meals.
  • Use a lower temperature until you are familiar with the ins and outs of cooking various ingredients. (otherwise, your food may burn if you are not skilled with an induction wok.)

The Best Electric Woks will make your life easier and allow you to cook a meal anywhere.

If you are looking for the best electric wok, we can help! The portability of an electric wok is one of its greatest assets. Cook a meal outside of a kitchen.

Questions about electric woks

Lodge Pro-Logic Wok with Flat Base and Loop Handles, 14-inch, Black
  • One Lodge Pre-Seasoned 14 Inch Cast Iron Wok
  • Large handles and flat base for easier handling
  • Unparalleled heat retention and even heating
  • Pre-seasoned with 100% natural vegetable oil
  • Use to sear, sauté, bake, broil, braise, fry, or grill

The Lodge Pro-Logic Wok is an excellent induction wok. The best cast- iron wok is the Lodge Pro brand!  It does not come with the induction base, but it is an ideal pick if you already have an induction cooktop.  This wok is compatible with any induction cooktop. 

The Lodge Pro brand is American made and has been around since the late 1800s. With this legacy in mind, the Lodge Cast Iron Wok is all cast iron, which retains heat better than other metals.

Keep in mind that this is a heavy wok, and unless you have strong arms, you will not be able to toss the food in this cast iron induction wok.

5  Benefits Of Using A Best Electric Wok

  • The best electric wok will allow you to create a memorable meal outdoors easily. Often picnic areas have outlets near each picnic bench. All you have to do is bring along your electric wok, plug it in, and get cooking!
  • If you do not have access to a kitchen but want to cook a meal, an electric wok is the way to go!
  • An electric wok is a multi-tasking kitchen tool. 
  • If you want to cook meals that don’t require the intense high heat, a traditional wok does. An electric wok is often non-stick and should not get up to the high temperatures that a carbon steel one would.
  • Do you like popcorn? The best electric wok will make an excellent batch of popcorn!

5 Things To Look For In A Good Electric Wok

  • Acurite Temperature dial. Does the electric wok have a temperature gauge on the dial? Having a way to fine-tune the temperature on a wok will help you control your cooking times.
  • Size. Do you want a large electric wok to make meals for four or more people like the Breville Hot Wok Pro? A smaller wok will save counter space and work perfectly fine if you have a smaller family size.
  • A tempered glass lid. If the glass lid is not, then it can break into large shards that can harm someone. A tempered glass lid does not mean it will not crack; it just means it will shatter into very tiny harmless pieces.
  • Non-stick vs. carbon steel. There are two types of wok surfaces; the non-stick surface is usually a type of Teflon. If you do not like to use Teflon because of the possible toxic side effects, make sure your wok is carbon steel. Another option is a non-toxic, non-stick wok. 

Final Words On The Best Electric Wok Review Guide

If you are looking for the best electric wok, it is hands down the Breville Hot Wok Pro.

Breville Hot Wok Pro
  • 8 qt large capacity with quick release base
  • removable dish washer friendly bowl
  • 15 heat settings up to 425 degrees

However, if you are looking for the best small electric wok then the Continental is what you want!

Professional Series Chef Electric Wok, 4.5 Quart, Black
  • CONVENIENT SPACE to add to your cooking area with this electric wok pan and make all your recipes with ease
  • DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL body and non-stick surface for quality results
  • SIDE HANDLES and tempered glass lid let you handle with care and no splattered mess
  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE control to cook evenly
  • MEASURES 16 5L x 14W x 7 5H" Inches with 900watt power

The quality and design of the other models just do not compare to the above standard Breville brand. Using a wok can open up an entire world of beautiful ideas for cooking. If you need more variety and have only ever used standard pots and pans for cooking, consider investing in a good wok. 

Whether you choose an electric wok or carbon steel round-bottomed wok, they will both take practice to master. There are so many chefs with great free videos on wok cooking tips. Pull up a chair, do a google search for the “best wok cooking tips,” and have fun!