Can You Freeze Carrots? – Best Methods


Can you freeze carrots? The simple answer is yes, however, read on for tips. If you want to learn how to prepare carrots for freezing, we can help! First, let’s answer the question do carrots freeze well? Yes, carrots are vegetables that freeze well, either raw, blanched, or fully cooked. Read on to learn how to choose and prepare them for freezing correctly.

When you freeze carrots, they lose very little of their nutritional content. Most essential vitamins and minerals remain intact when you freeze carrots for one full year.

Learning the answer to the question “can you freeze cooked carrots?” will help make meal prep so much faster. If you have frozen cooked carrots ready to go, you can throw them into soups, dog food, baby food, curry dishes, roux, and more. 

Can You Freeze Carrots?

How to Freeze Cooked Carrots

  1. Cut off the carrot greens, peel your carrots, and slice them into 2-inch pieces. If you are going to freeze baby carrots, the most important thing is that you do not want to freeze slimy carrots. Slimy carrots are not safe to eat due to the bacterial film on their surface.
  2. Boil Water (add enough water to submerge the carrot pieces fully). Add carrots to boiling water, cover, and cook for five to nine minutes. To reduce cooking time, cut the carrots into smaller pieces. If you are shredding carrots then the boiling time will be much less.

Check your carrots for softness by sticking a fork into one of the carrots. Furthermore, overcooking the carrots will result in mushy carrots. 

You can also take one of the carrots pieces out of the boiling pot, run it under cold water, then taste it.

  1. Once you thoroughly cook the carrots, remove them from the boiling water and place them in ice water to stop the cooking process.  Let them soak for about three minutes.
  2. Drain the carrots and lay them out on a towel to dry – entirely if possible. Layer paper towels between each layer of carrot pieces until they are completely dry before placing them in the freezer bag. If they are too wet, ice crystals will form on the carrots when you put them into the freezer.
  3. Label your freezer bag with the contents, date, and amount. It is imperative to label your frozen food items to use them in an order that makes sense for you!

Can You Freeze Carrots?

How to Blanch Carrots for Freezing

Blanching vegetables is a process where you quickly cook the vegetables in boiling water or steam and then cooled immediately after cooking so they retain their flavor, color, texture, and nutrients. The primary reason you would want to blanch your carrots before freezing them is to stay nice and firm when you cook with them later. Blanching carrots for freezing is one way to preserve an overabundance of carrots. To learn how to blanch carrots for freezing, let’s look at why it is necessary. Can you freeze carrots? Yes, and here’s how.

  1. Make sure you peel and cut your carrots into smaller pieces before blanching.
  2. Preheat the blanching water pot to a rolling boil with a steamer basket in the bottom of it. If you don’t have a steamer basket, add one cup of water per pound of carrots that you will freeze.
  3. You can add the carrots to the steamer basket when the water boils.
  4. Bring the water back up to a boil, and set your timer for 2 minutes.
  5. Check your carrots and see if they are slightly soft to the touch. If you have larger carrot pieces or even baby carrots, you may need to blanch them for up to 5 minutes.
  6. Submerge the carrots in an ice bath after blanching. Ice water will stop the cooking process and cool them down to freeze your carrots.
  7. Layout the carrots on a towel to dry them before freezing.
  8. Follow the instructions below for how to freeze cooked carrots.


Freezing Carrot Instructions – How to Freeze Cooked Carrots

After blanching or cooking your carrots, you are ready to freeze them.

  1. If your carrots are wet from the steam or water, make sure you dry them with paper towels before freezing them.
  2. I like to flash freeze my carrots on a flat tray before adding them to a freezer bag. Flash freezing carrots allow each carrot to freeze individually and not clump or stick together. Furthermore, place the carrots you previously cooked on a flat surface and put them in the freezer for 2-4 hours. Then take them out and follow the steps below.
  3. For each pound of carrots, you add to the freezer bag, leave about 2 inches of room at the top of the pack. The carrots may expand slightly, and you don’t want them to pop the freezer bag open.
  4. Label the outside of your freezer bags. Properly labeling all items you put into the freezer will make your life so much easier when looking for what to cook.
  5. Carrots can stay in the freezer for up to 1 year; however, it’s better to use them within six months, so you avoid freezer burn.

Purple and orange carrots - blanching in a steamer basket, for freezing the carrots
Prepare your carrots for blanching before you freeze them.

Can You Freeze Mashed Carrots?

If you are wondering if you can freeze mashed carrots, then the answer is yes. Freezing mashed carrots is easy; just follow the instruction above for “how to freeze cooked carrots.” Instead of freezing them right after, you would just throw them into a food processor or use a mashing tool. Then place the mashed carrots into freezer-safe containers.

Can You Freeze Roasted Carrots?

Yes, you can freeze roasted carrots. You can buy a bag of frozen roasted carrots at Trader Joe’s or many other supermarkets. However, it’s easy if you want to make your frozen roasted carrots. The only thing to keep in mind is to let your roasted carrots utterly cool to room temperature before you freeze them. It’s great because then you’ll have an easy side dish or snack ready to go. You can reheat your frozen roasted carrots in your small toaster oven.

A plate of roasted baby carrots. can you freeze roasted carrots?

Can You Freeze Uncooked Carrots? [Can You Freeze Raw Carrots?]

Yes, you can freeze carrots without blanching. Freezing carrots without cooking or blanching them is easy to preserve. Raw frozen carrots will require more cooking time when ready to use them than when fresh. Frozen carrots that are not pre-cooked will be more complex in texture than blanched carrots. Yes, you can freeze raw carrots.

Freezing raw carrots is easy. Just peel, wash, and cut the carrots into pieces, or you can just freeze the whole carrot. The choice is yours; if you usually peel carrots before eating them, then I would suggest at the very least you peel your carrots before freezing them.

You can also freeze whole uncooked carrots as a treat for your dog. Freeze raw carrots for your dog; make sure to use them within 4-8 weeks.

Can You Freeze Baby Carrots Without Blanching?

Yes, you can freeze baby carrots without blanching. Just be aware that when you cook baby carrots, they will be very firm, and it will take a long time to cook them compared to raw baby carrots. They also go bad quickly because of the moisture in them, so I would only recommend freezing cooked baby carrots if you are cooking the frozen baby carrots.

Put your prepared carrots in the freezer and leave them there until they are completely frozen and hard. Most people who freeze baby carrots probably add them to soups, stews, curries, baby food, or mashed potatoes. Yes, adding frozen baby carrots to your mashed potatoes will increase the nutritional value of the potato dish.

Can You Freeze Whole Carrots?

Yes, you can freeze whole carrots, and many people give one to their dog as a treat. Whole carrots will last much longer than baby carrots in the freezer.

Freeze whole carrots by washing them first, allowing them to dry, then freezing them in a freezer bag. Frozen carrots are a great edible chew toy for dogs, and a bonus is that most dogs love carrots.

Can You Vacuum Seal Carrots? [Freezing Carrots with a Foodsaver]

Yes, you can vacuum seal carrots. You can blanch and then vacuum-seal carrots, or you can cook the carrots and then vacuum seal them. Lastly, you can also vacuum seal raw carrots. The most important thing to remember is to make sure the carrots are completely dry before vacuum-sealing them.

Can You Freeze Carrots and Celery?

Yes, you can freeze carrots and celery together for a future mirepoix. One trick is to blanch the carrots and celery first; this will help them retain their color and shape when defrosting them later.

Pro Tip: After blanching them, add them to an ice water bucket and dry them off with paper towels. The next step is to lay them flat on a baking tray or parchment paper and flash freeze them for a few hours. Lastly, place the carrots and celery into an air-tight freezer-safe bag.

Can You Freeze Carrot Soup?

Yes, absolutely. In my experience, when you freeze a soup, it tastes better than on day 1. The theory behind why a soup tastes better after you freeze it is that the flavors have a chance to meld and become more profound. Of course, just make sure you use the soup before freezer burn sets in.

Freezing Baby Carrots, Is it Safe?

As long as the baby carrots are fresh and do not have a slimy carrot bacterial film, you can freeze them. However, it’s better to blanch the baby carrots before you freeze them. Blanching them preserves the nutrients and retains the color.

How to Freeze Cooked Carrots with Mixed Vegetables

You can freeze cooked carrots with mixed vegetables the same way as freezing cooked carrots alone. The most crucial step is to allow the cooked vegetables to dry and then flash freeze them on a flat tray before making the final freeze in airtight freezer bags.

How Long Do Cooked Carrots Last in the Fridge?

Cooked carrots will last 3-5 days in a fridge. If you want to eat your carrots beyond five days, it’s best to freeze them. There is no nutritional value lost in cooking and freezing vegetables.

How Long Can You Freeze Carrots?

Technically you can keep frozen carrots in the freezer for up to 1 year. However, it’s better to eat them within six months. Freezer burn can often set in and cause the flavor to taste slightly off. Can you freeze carrots? Yes, but do not leave them in the freezer for over a year.

Ideas For Using Frozen Cooked Carrots

After you have figured out the answer to the question “can you freeze carrots” – we have frozen carrot recipe ideas.

  • Add it to a baby food mash.
  • Add to soups and stews.
  • Use to make a carrot mash food topper for your dog.
  • Combine with other vegetables in a casserole or stir fry dish.
  • Mix frozen cooked carrots into rice to reheat them at your next meal.
  • Add the frozen cooked carrots to a curry.
  • Roast them in a 395° F oven with some herbs and seasonings.
  • Make mini carrot muffins. (Use a stainless steel mini muffin pan)
  • Add it to a carrot cake mix.
  • You make birdy bread with frozen cooked carrots if you have a parrot.

Final Thoughts – Can You Freeze Cooked Carrots?

You can freeze cooked carrots for up to one year, but it’s best to eat them within six months. If you want your frozen cooked carrots to last longer than six months, make sure they are completely dry before freezing them. The most exciting thing about cooking and freezing vegetables is that no nutrients are lost.

You also don’t need any special equipment like a vacuum sealer; however, if you decide to use a Food Saver, your frozen carrots will last even longer. While you can freeze raw carrots, it’s better to blanch them if you will not use them within a few weeks.

Can you freeze carrots? Yes! If you want to freeze cooked carrots, these tips should come in handy!

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